rectifier transformer

Rectifier transformer

Model ZSSP
Brand Rockwell
Unit Wenzhou Rockwell Transformer Co.,Ltd
Min order 1
Supply ability 1~1000
Payment FOB/CIF
Port Ningbo
Certification IS09001
Place China
Packaging The product will be shipped by sea,packaged with wooden box or according with customer's requirement.
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The transformer that is as power supply of rectification device is called Rectifier transformer.

We adopt programmed design using world advanced design technical and manufacturing process, and go through a analysis and quantitative calculation for insulating breakdown mechanism, numerical analysis of electric field, impact characteristic and strength of withstanding sudden short circuit of insulating technology and winding, by combining with many years of manufacturing experience, we make a big breakthrough based on general technology, thus improving the reliability and advancement of our transformers. And our products have many excellent technical performances such as low temperature rise, low loss and sound level with high efficiency and outstanding ability of withstanding short-circuit and overload.

•Main function and features        


They are widely used in electrolysis, electrochemical , driving, traction , static de-dusting ,DC power transmission fields where rectification power source is necessary . A rectiformer is used for power supply of rectifying devices , most industrial DC power sources is transformed from an AC network via rectifying devices consisting of a rectiformer and a rectify. It is widely used in electrolysis , electrochemical , traction , driving ,DC transmission , frequency conversion and rectified power source fields. According to user’s requirements , the secondary winding phase difference can be designed to  30 ,15 ,7.5, for rectification of  6-phase, 12-phase,24-phase and –phase.


Main technical parameter:

TypeRated power
Rated Voltage(V)Connection
Weight(kg)Overall Dimension
Line sideValve sideActive partOilTotal
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The transformer that is as power supply of rectification device is called Rectifier transformer.