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Package substation

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Package substation & Unit substations

Package substations are all factory-assembled and tested. They are designed and manufactured in order to satisfy the customer’s specific requirements.

There design engenders a high level of flexibility that covers a wide range of applications.
The package substation is a combination of the Ring Main unit, The Transformer and The Low-Voltage panel.

A unit substation is a combination of a Transformer and a Low-Voltage panel. These substations are used for effective electrical power distribution in medium voltage to low voltage distribution systems.

They are:

integrating SF6 insulated Ring main units with various  configurations’

integrating oil or dry type Transformers

integrating metering and protection

And can ensure:

High operation reliability

Operating personnel safety

That they are suitable for building, infrastructure and industry.

All interconnecting equipment between medium voltage, transformers and low voltage are factory tested.

A wide variety of transformers from 315kVA to 2500KVA.

Transformers may be specified as oil-fitted or dry-type for mining applications.

High Voltages range from 3.3kV to 33kV.

Low voltage side range from 0.11kV up to 0.48kV.

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