Intelligent compact substation

Intelligent compact substation

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Prefabricated transformer substation(Combined Transformer)
Intelligent compact substation :
The prefabricated substation is one of the most economic, convenient, effective and new distribution equipments. It assembles 12kV(24kV,36kV is available)high-voltage switch cabinet; transformer and low-voltage switch cabinet together, and is movable, assembled in plant.
The prefabricated  substation (Named compact Substation below) has many advantages, such as: completely whole set, small cubage, little area, ingoing load center, improving the power supply quality, reducing the circuit loss, shorten power delivery period, flexible location, adapt to setting, convenient assembly, reliable operation, small investment, rapid effect, and so on. Its widely used in urban republic power distribution, high rise building, residential areas, parks, and high-speed roads, as well as oil fields, industrial and mining enterprises, temporary construction areas.
Function characters:
System voltage:12kV(24kV,36kV is available) rated high voltage current:630A or more;
Design and make the ring network or users end as to the users requirements;
Design the box to steel plate configuration, complicated configuration or garden landscape configuration as to the users requirement;
Fix auto-parts, realize Three remote, check the data in distant, thief proof and power fare management;
Completely whole set, intelligent, little area, low investment, short project, ingoing load center, energy-saved and the lower loss, convenient assembly, adapted to setting, and so on.

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Prefabricated transformer substation(Combined Transformer)

Intelligent compact substation 800KVA,11/0.55KV.