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Furnace transformer

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Due to a serials of innovations over material, technology, and structure, the furnace transformer features small size, light weight, high efficiency, low loss, low noise, reliable operation and large overloading capacity, etc. the transformer generates good economic returns for it could reduce significantly the power grid loss and bring down substantially the long term operational charges. The transformer is designed to apply mostly in metallurgy industry for smelting quality alloy steel and iron alloy and in chemical industry for processing yellow phosphorous, calcium carbide and synthetic resin, etc. Meaning: H-steel smelting arc furnace, HJ-ladle fining furnace, HZ-electroslag furnace, HC-calcium carbide furnace, HK-blast furnace, HG-industrial furnace Number of phase: D-single phases, S-three phases Type of cooling devices: oil immersed self-coiling- air cooling F, water cooling S Way of oil circulation: natural circulation, forced oil circulation P Way of voltage regulation: non-excitation voltage regulation, load ratio voltage regulation Built-in accessories: flux leakage changing group-,built in reactor K Rated capacity: kVA Voltage class: KV Non-excitation-tap-changing arc furnace transformer technical data

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The electric furnace transformer is used to supply power to an electric furnace, which lowers the high voltage to the furnace-required lower voltage.