dry type distribution transformer

Dry type distribution transformer

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SG(B)10 H-Grade Insulating Dry type distribution Transformer
Features of Products
1. Core
The iron core applies imported high-performance cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon-steel plate and it applies 45°fully-inclined joint form.Between the layers of winding,it applies flexible fastening device and makes no-load and noise low. The iron core surface is deal with special craft which makes the noise low and the iron core rustless during running. The iron core is clamped by tensile rod and no punched hole. The upper and lower clamps are connected by drawplate and fixed with the base, By fixed with flexible pad and cushion structure, it makes the winding of lower vibration and noises.
2. HV, LV Coil material
The high-voltage and low-voltage coils are made up of NOMEX insulating material and dipped in solvent-free immersion paint many times by VPI vacuum pressure device and is solidified by high temperature baking. The high-voltage coil applies continuous mode structure of high mechanical strength and good heat dispersion, avoiding step-shaped multilayered drum type structure which makes high voltage, low heat dispersion, easy to be thermal runaway and low mechanical strength, it is therefore that the reliability of the product is ensured. The low-voltage coil applies foil or strong current helix structures of longitudinal are flue. After dipping, the coil has a good moisture proof, impacting resistance and no chapping, no partial discharge. It can be decomposed and recycled.
3. Brought-out line
High-voltage outgoing terminal is fixed in the upper part of winding while the tap is in the middle. By changing tap via connecting plate, the output voltage is adjusted under the condition of power failure. Low-voltage outgoing line terminal is plate type electric conducting group which is surely connected with drawing out group by bolt.
4. Shield Cover
We could provide the shell of protective grade IP20 and IP23, if it is required by the users. IP20 configuration of transformer prevent foreign matter whose diameter is bigger than 12mm form entering into the casing; and IP23 configuration can also prevent water whole angle to the ventilation of cold air, the base plate and the top of the shell are made up of mesh plates.
5. Over-thermal Protection
Take thermal safeguard for coil.SG 10 dry-type transformer of 315KVA or above employs a set of protecting device-temperature displayer. This device uses the temperature sensor which stays deep in the low-voltage wingding as signal source for displayer. When the temperature of low-voltage wingding varies, the temperature displayer will show the new value. According this temperature, it will control and alarm to protect the transformer.
6. Over-load Ability
SG10 series dry-type transformer adopts new structure, material and new craftwork. It has good points of good heat dispersion, long thermal endurance and extensive strong overload capability. It can work under 120% overload or work over a long time safely and reliably, Under the situation of IP23,It can run overload over a long time without fan to cool.
7. Safety
SG10 type-this new kind of product is now the dry-type transformer of highest security performance. All the insulating material is flame-retardant, self-extinguishing and non-poisonous. Its combustible material only tades less than 10% of the epoxy resin product. No poisonous gas is produced when it is burning over a long time under high temperature of 800°C.And with this feature, it overcomes the shortage that epoxy resin would produce poisonous gas when it is burning. It reveals the superiority when the new type product is used in electric power, subway, shipping, chemical industry and metallurgy where is hot, damp, of bad ventilation and require high security.
8. Reliability
With special coil design, craftwork and material, SG10 type product has good feature of moisture proofing, mold proofing and salt mist proofing. And it has good thermal impact resistance, no chap and no partial discharge. The insulating system based on NOMEX can always keep the best state of electricity performance and mechanical characteristic during the entire period of usage of transformer. NOMEX material is not easily aging, of good flexibility and of contraction withstand as well as resistance. Therefore, it can ensure the transformer keeping the coils of compacted structure and able to withstand the voltage of short-circuit after many years of usage.
9. Excellent Damp proof
NOMEX insulating system OVDT dry-type transformer can sufficiently prevent the invasion of moisture. It applies the advanced VPI equipment and vacuum dipping technology. With high-quality impregnating varnish that approved by UI, it can keep running over a long period under 180°C or higher temperature. NOMEX paper is entirely peretrant dipped by immersion paint.
Technical parameter

Serial No.UnitItemHV electrical apparatustransformerLV electrical apparatus
1Rated voltage UeKV7.2,126/0.4,10/0.40.4
2Rated capacity SeKVA P: 200~1250 
M: 50~400
3Rated current leA200~630 100~3000
4Rated drop-out currentALoad switch400~630A 15~63
KAComposite apparatus
5Rated short time withstand current (S)KA(xs)20*(2)200~400KVA15*1
6Rated withstand current (peak)KA31.5,50200~400KVA30
7Rated making currentKA31.5,50  
8Power frequency withstand voltage 1minKAPhase-earth and phase-phase 32,40Oil-immersed:35/5min≤300V:2KV
9Lightning impulseKVPhase-earth and phase-phase 60,7575 
Isolation fracture:75,8575
10Noise leveldB Oil-immersed:55 
11Protection degree  IP23D 
12external dimension

as per the capacity of the transformer

refer to more details: https://www.cnrockwill.com/article/three-phase-dry-type-distribution-transformer.html

SG(B)10 H-Grade Insulating Dry type distribution Transformer