Cast resin power transformers

Cast resin power transformers

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Characteristics :
Fire resistant : Cast Resin power transformers have an inherently safe characteristic of self fire-extinguishing and fire resistance. So there would be no fear of spread of fire even if a fire took place in nearby equipment.
The transformers can be used indoors without fear of fire, and it is not necessary to provide additional measures for safety.

Ignited for 2 minutes on the surface of cast coil with acetylene torch.

As the torch was removed from the surface of burning resin.

The flame extinguished by itself after 15 seconds.


Maintenance Free

Maintenance is almost completely eliminated. No checking of liquid level and no yearly dielectric test for moisture absorption is required. Due to the smooth coil surfaces, heavy dirt and dust build up is eliminated even under the worst circumstances. The recommended routine maintenance is an occasional visual or Infra-Red thermal inspection.
Environmentally Safe : Power-Cast transformers will not emit oil or toxic gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, they do not pollute the environment and are recommended strongly as a replacement for askarel filled (PCB) transformers. PCB is poisonous, chemically aggressive and can discharge dangerous gases at elevated temperatures.
Low Noise : The encapsulation of the core in a special resin and the design of the clamping mechanism have provided an appreciable noise reduction. Noise is also reduced due to the sound suppressing effect of the elaborate core cutting and the coil support elastic structure.
Cost Saving : If the advantage of Power - Cast transformers is taken into consideration at the planning stage, the overall costs of a power supply system can often be considerably reduced. They are sufficiently compact for convenient installation in a building where space is generally limited and have much smaller power loss than oil immersed and dry-type transformers. Total costs are lower even though cast resin transformers may be more expensive than other transformers. Cost savings add low maintenance and longer operating life in all conditions.
Fewer Failures : Standard Insurance Company studies have shown failure rates in cast coil transformers to be less than 5% that of standard dry type transformers in some applications.


Power-Cast transformers are available with specification as follows :

Rated Voltage

HV coil : Up to 36kV  LVcoil : 0.48-4.16 KV

*Power-Cast transformers with multiple high voltage connections can also be supplied.


Standard : ±2.5%, ±5%  Other ratings are available by arrangement.

Power Capacity

Single phase : 20 - 2,000 KVA  Three phase : 50 - 10,000 KVA

Frequency : 50Hz, 60Hz   Typical % impedance voltage : 4-8%.


HV coil : Delta  LVcoil : Wye with neutral point

* Other connections are available to meet requirements.

Temperature Ratings

HV coil : Class F LVcoil : Class F

Max. ambient temperature : 450 C   Temperature rise limitation : 1800 C



Power-Cast transformers conform to the requirements of IS STANDARDS. However they can also meet the requirements of the following standards, upon request : Accessories Normally Provided Accessories :

Terminal screws and links for HV taps


Ground wire clamping screw

Protective cap for HV taps

Lifting lugs

Danger labels

Installation manual.


Special Accessories :

Cooling fans and control relay

Features :

Moisture proof

No partial discharge

High overload capability

Superior Impulse voltage strength

Short-circuit damage resistance.

Thermal shock resistance

Superior fire resistant design

Maintenance free

Environmentally safe

Very low noise

Very low operating cost.


Applications : Cast Resin transformers can be used in various fields. Here are just a few possible applications :

Indoor or outdoor unit substations

Industrial and petrochemical plants

Offshore platforms

Harmonic applications

Extremely corrosive and dirty applications

Low noise applications

Water supplies

Transit systems

SCR power supplies

Grid, ring or radial networks

Station auxiliaries.

Pad mount applications.

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Made using advanced technology, the Epoxy Cast Resin Transformers are resistant to failures, thus serve as dependable power supply systems.